Tomalonis-Hall Post 84

American Legion Department of Connecticut

Connecticut is the land of steady habits along with the land of the tidal river. Some call us the Provision State, Nutmeg State, and others call us the Constitution State. Connecticut is a proud state. We had the first constitution with the Fundamental Orders of 1639. And Capt. Joseph Wadsworth on October 31, 1687, hid King Charles II’s Royal Charter of 1662 in the Oak Tree. We provided provisions, uniforms and arms for George Washington’s Continental Troops and Pershing’s Doughboys. We had patriots in Nathan Hale and Gen. Israel Putnam. Our discoveries were Town’s Lattice Truss Design, Yale University, Whitney’s Cotton Gin, Colt’s Firearms, and Bushnell’s Turtle.

To learn more about our department, please see: https://ctlegion.org/